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Buga Technic offers a great variety of products which addresses your needs in all products groups of trucks, trailers and buses.

Quality And Warranty

Buga Technic is working with manufacturers which are specialist in their field and quality based.

Fast Delivery

Buga Technic supplies products quickly and delivery on time thanks to high stock levels and stong logistic infrastructure.

Unconditioned Customer Satisfaction

Buga Technic is working with many suppliers with goods agreements and follows the market prices and sectoral…

Fifth Wheel Parts

Fifth Wheel Parts

Fifth Wheel Parts

Jost 5th Wheel Parts

Fifth Wheel Parts

Experience on Fifth Wheel Maintenance
• Our production team is coming from maintenance of fifth wheel. They made its maintenance during five years. After that they started to production. Thanks to this experience, we are manufacturing all of our items upon original standards.
Raw Materials and Production Method.
• Fifth Wheel Repair Kits are woking on high pressure. Its raw material and production method has critical importantce for its durability and safety.
• We are manufacturing fifth wheel repair kits from high quality steel and with forging method.

Cataphoresis Coating
• Our biggest advantage is our coating. We are making cataphoresis coating to our products.
• What is the importance of Cataphoresis Coating?
• Dimensions of lock jaws are very sensitive. It is working with king pin. There is a big pressure on these items. Other coatings (as static painting) are increasing thickness of product. But, cataphoresis coating is not changing thickness of product.
• Thanks to cataphoresis, its life is increasing two more times.

Wide Product Range
• We have wide product range that include Jost 2”, Jost 2” new model, Jost 3.5” and Jost 3.5” with articilation and Georg Fischer
fifth wheel repair kits.

Delivery times
• We are working with high stock levels. Thanks to our stocks levels, we can deliver your goods maximum in 2 weeks.
• Warranty
• Buga Technic Complete Fifth Wheels have
2 Years Warranty.
• Buga Technic Fifth Wheel Repair Kits have
1 Year Warranty

Fifth Wheel Spare Parts



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